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Chucks 1988 Monte Carlo SS

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A list of things that have happened to my Monte

Cogs 5

Spark Plug, Spinning

8-3-01 - WOOHOO, my first Monte!! Black Monte SS, red pinstriping, all stock.
9-15-01 - Bad news!! Short to ground blew up coil, module, and killed car.  Had to have towed, also had plugs and wires replaced, new cap and rotor installed also.
10-5-01 - Took to muffler shop, had Flowmaster 40's put on, sounds real good!!
10-6-01 - Had four new Cooper Cobra Radial Gt's put on 235/60/15 on all four corners.
5-14-02 - Bought chrome tips (24"x3 1/2") had installed along with new tailpipes from the mufflers back, sounds REAL GOOD now, nice and loud!!
8-3-02 - Happy Birthday me, got a stage 2 chip and chrome valve covers for B-day!!
8-10-02 - Installed new Valve covers, and stage two chip, 160 degree stat, K+N filter, chrome air cleaner lid. Car hauls now!!
3-20-03 - Car dies on way to school, towed to dealer, blew up dist again, broke dist. shaft, had new one installed. New ign. lock cly. and brought it home
3-22-03 - Installed open element air filter from Holley. Looks good
9-30-03 - Had new tranny installed at Bill&Earls Transmission shop. Shifts real nice, dosent over heat, and the car has a new lease on life.